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Be Still


I wish I could stop and be able to find peace and comfort in the Lord with ease.  When life is hard I wish I could turn and rejoice in Him, but this, I believe is a sanctifying process and not something that will happen overnight.  So here's to growing.

Share My Burdens


Life is a hard journey, but a good one.  I often struggle with realizing how much the Lord does love me and wants whats best for me.  It's something I've struggled with throughout the years.  But HE is good and He provides people to help with our burdens and blindness.

We are Healed


With His Wounds we are healed. (1 Peter 2:24)  It's my favorite verse... I think.  I just love how simple it is, but so profound and the hope it brings.  We are healed above all because we have the hope and peace of Christ's death and resurrection for our sins.  The hope of being with God forever in heaven.