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I'm saved by grace.  Healed by His Wounds.

Broken but Healing

Learning to trust God above all else


In the bad seasons I have a hope & joy

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Why Blog

I've always loved blogging.  It's the one thing that I keep coming back to. You know when your bored with your office job, when your going through another trial, when you want to escape to London or just take a year long vacation, I'm always like, blog.  Write.  Share.  

Blog Content

I want to share with you my life.  My struggles.  My joy, my pain, my excitement.  A journal of sorts.  A way to process hurts and to share joys.  To be open.  From Journal to Blog.  

Why the Name

I love to read.  and Journal.  My blogging started off as a book blog (review blog) and I'm hoping to turn it into more of a journal blog now.  But I love to read and a lot of my sharing will be of books.  Some books just really help with getting through and bringing to light some tough issues and how to work through or think through certain things.  Example:  Anxious for Nothing, helped me see so much sin and areas where I needed growth in my current struggle.  Abide in Him.  Guard your thoughts.  Things I'm struggling with desperately, have been told so many times, and now have been told again.  But it helps, oh and makes my cry as well. 

What Exactly

So I'm 21, live at home, work at a family owned business and am currently going through one of the toughest trials of my life- a breakup.  The pain is real.  And the struggle is painful.  As much as i try to do this on my own I can't.  And so I journal.  I must seek other people and above all trust the Lord is doing a work that is far greater than I could ever imagine.

Plans & Hopes

I've planned.  But the Lord has directed.   Can I say that I really want to share journal entries with you all, I want to be honest with you all.  I want to be real.  I want to read, I want to seek counsel, I want to grow and trust the Lord above all else and see Him work and provide for my desires in His way and will.  Oh and I want to travel.  Haha, maybe someday...

Journey & Journal

The Lord is good and He loves us dearly.  Something that is very hard for me to see, but have been reminded of so many times.  So I'll trust and grow in Him and I'll journal as I take His journey.